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Italian olive and citrus bowl $4.95

Artisan breads with three toppings $5.75

(Salsa Verde, butter, roasted garlic)

Italian cheese plate $7.50


Prosciutto di Parma, fresh pear, and saba $8.00

Ensalata mista $5.95

Salad of escarole, roasted fresh beets, and gorgonzola. $7.00


Seasonal greens and crimini mushrooms on polenta $7.50

Garlic and oil sautéed seasonal greens $6.50

Grilled, stuffed eggplant. $6.00

(Stuffed with olives, fresh basil and mint, capers, and Pecorino Romano)

Potato Gateau $7.00

(Russet potato with pancetta, fontina, and Pecorino Romano baked individually)

Fritelle di cavalofiorie $6.50

(Cauliflower fritter served with ricotta salata)

Antipasti of grilled seasonal vegetables, bocconcini, artichokes, and salami $8.50


Grilled pizza Margarita $9.50

Grilled prosciutto, potato, & pesto pizza $10.50

Assorted bruschetti, please choose three:

White bean and prosciutto, olive tapenade, roasted squash puree, capunatina, mushroom hodgepodge,

Tuscan pate, roasted sweet pepper $8.95


Pasta of the day, with pesto, marinara, Bolognaise, or gorgonzola cream sauce: Market price

Malfatti $7.50

(The house special dumplings)

Catch of the day from ocean, lake, or stream: Market price


Calamari Fritti $8.50

Baccala fritters $7.00

(Traditional salted cod in a fritter batter)

Jumbo shrimp served in a casserole. $9.50

(Broiled with crimini mushrooms, cream, onion, and wine)


Grilled beef loin steak with sautéed portabella mushrooms and gorgonzola cream sauce $12.00

Polpette Napoletane $7.00

(Small meatballs made of beef, pork, and fresh mozzarella)

Rollata of Pork tenderloin stuffed with black mission figs and gorgonzola.  $8.25

Chicken breast stuffed with roasted peppers and pancetta. $9.00

Grilled rosemary and mint rubbed lamb chops $10.00

Rollata of Veal stuffed with toasted pine nuts and raisins and served on marinara $9.00

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